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Stellar Project

Padova, Italy



Stellar Project is a space tech company developing and manufacturing laser communication terminals specifically designed for smallsatellites.

Stellar Project was created as a project in 2016, which then spin-off of the University of Padova, Italy,

The company aims to offer game-changing solutions with a high degree of care towards space environmental sustainability and to fill the gap in performances and capabilities between small satellites and large spacecraft, providing original and proprietary technology.

The vision driving the company is to join the global new space democratization, bringing together the best-talented minds to create a space that allows the development of bright ideas into smart and light space products and services.

Stellar Project is also working in consortiums within the H2020 program on Quantum Communication and started to expand its activities on data analytics both for terrestrial applications and the space environment providing tools for Space Debris Analysis and monitoring.

Stellar Project is a member of AIPAS – Italian Space Industry Association and Access Space Alliance.

Flight heritage

In 2021, Stellar Project launched its product named ‘LaserCube’ for a Maiden Flight Mission.


Stellar project offers mission deterioration risk analysis for constellations and spacecraft exposed to the current orbital environment as a consultancy service.

The special focus of this analysis is drawn to the threats posed by the space weather such as radiation, plasma, and space debris to maximize the environmental robustness of the space systems from the design stages.

The realistic predictions and/or assessments of satellite anomalies as part of the environment analyses coupled with the manufacturers reports of spacecraft design examination are useful for the space insurance market.

Stellar Project

Padova, Italy

Contact information

Viale dell’Industria, 60, Padova, 35129 - Italy

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Last updated: 2022-01-18