Cesson-Sévigné, France


Syrlinks is an advanced and cost-effective radio-communication manufacturer, for Low Earth Orbit medium-sized small satellites (Mini, Micro, Cube/Nano). Syrlinks offers the largest portfolio on the market of High Data Rate transmitters, TT&C - ISL transponders, GNSS receivers, OCXO.

Syrlinks also offers sub-systems for telecommunication applications fitted to the requirements of mega constellations and NewSpace requirements.

Syrlinks products combine innovating technology and reliability, offering advanced perfomance, a low power consumption and a small footprint for an easy integration. The quality of our products has been demonstrated by the conception and manufacturing of more than 70 Flight Model units (transmitters & transceivers) cumulating 400 years in orbit. Syrlinks commitment is customer satisfaction and mission reliability, providing state-of-the-art Product Assurance and Concept into its sub-systems.

Syrlinks contributes to some well-known missions - platforms like ROSETTA, DEEP-IMPACT, MYRIADE series (CNES/Airbus Défense & Space), PROBA-V (ESA-European Space Agency) and is involved with numerous customers in more than 15 countries

Our portfolio is mainly focused on three product lines: Mini Satellite, Micro Satellite, Cube/Nano satellite.


Cesson-Sévigné, France

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28 rue Robert Keller, ZAC des Champs Blancs, Cesson-Sévigné, 35510 - France

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