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TRAD Tests & Radiations

Labège, France


Established in 1994, TRAD Tests & Radiations is an independent company providing a high level of service for all tests, calculations and analysis services. Its core business is the testing and analysis of radiation effects on materials, components and electronic systems.

Located in Labège business area since 2000, the facility covers 1,400 sqm, and includes a gamma, electronics and materials laboratories.

TRAD has been providing high reliability electronic services for space, defence, nuclear and other harsh environment applications for the past 27 years. The main activities carried out at TRAD include:

  • Radiation environment definition / analysis of RHA & other specification documents
  • Part sensitivity evaluation: SEE error prediction, applicable radiation test data research & exploitation, TID, TNID tolerance, test plan optimization
  • Radiation-oriented 3D modeling: shielding optimization, design validation, etc.
  • Radiation software editor in the space, nuclear and medical sectors
  • Analysis and solutions: mitigation solution, derating recommendation, etc.
  • Electronic component testing: test bench development and test campaigns (TID, TNID, SEE)
  • Material testing and characterization: thermal cycling, irradiation campaign, electrical test, etc.
  • Sourcing & radiation qualification of electronic components
  • Complete and tailored training courses at TRAD or at client's premises
  • R&D activities, parternships with academic entities and agencies

TRAD customers include major companies, international agencies, laboratories & universities such as 3D Plus, Airbus DS, Thales Alenia Space, CNES, ESA, EREMS, Northrop Grumman, CERN, E2V, IRSN, ISS-Reshetnev, JHU-APL, MIT-LL, NASA, OHB, Orano, Bouygues Construction, Nuvia, Sofradir, STMicroelectronics, TESAT Spacecom, etc.

TRAD Tests & Radiations

Labège, France

Contact information

907 voie l'Occitane, Labège, 31670 - France

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Last updated: 2022-01-04