VORAGO Technologies

Austin, Texas, United States


VORAGO Technologies is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company founded in 2004 and based in Austin, TX. VORAGO is a provider of radiation-hardened IC components for satellites. VORAGO designs and develops high density SRAMs and MCUs using its patented HARDSIL® technology to mitigate against space radiation effects. VORAGO also provides custom ASIC design services.

VORAGO's patented technology HARDSIL®, has been proven in multiple CMOS process generations at multiple fabs to harden integrated circuits without redesign and is scalable to any generation node. Once modified by HARDSIL®, the commercial process flow can be used to manufacture significantly more robust CMOS circuits for highly reliable operation in extreme environments.

HARDSIL®-based products are suitable for applications in Aerospace & Defense as well as in the Industrial markets. These applications require unique, highly reliable semiconductor solutions to withstand the conditions found in harsh environments:

  • Satellite systems requiring radiation performance on various levels for deep space and long-life missions
  • Defense electronics systems requiring robust performance and military grade specifications
  • Small satellites that require robust radiation-hardness on a challenging budget
  • Commercial aerospace systems requiring extreme temperature capabilities and benefit from radiation robustness



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VORAGO Technologies

Austin, Texas, United States


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