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The AIKO speedy_SKYLAR is a distributed software product to provide a constellation-based communication network with optimal autonomous routing capabilities. Through the deployment of speedy_SKYLAR, the constellation network could achieve significant increments in the overall throughput and minimize the latency in delivering data packets to and from the ground segment.

The product is composed of two different modules. The first module which is integrated into the ground segment maps the network topology and finds a list of optimal routes between each node in the network. The second module is deployed onboard, and using the knowledge of available routes, it autonomously selects the most suitable path to forward incoming data packets in real-time.

By managing the choice of the optimal routes and the associated communication strategy autonomously onboard, the network acquires relatively higher robustness, resilience, and adaptability to potential failures or anomalies during the inter-satellite link (ISL), operations, or communication with the ground.

The ground module can be easily integrated into the customer's mission control center due to its flexible APIs. Data ingestion, input, and optimization heuristics can be tailored for the specific customer needs and requirements; they can be additionally tuned by the user through a user interface. Its counterpart, the onboard module, has a low impact on the power and computational resources of the OBC.

Given the implementation based on low-level languages, it is compatible with almost all the space-grade embedded hardware architectures.

The product has been integrated and validated at TRL7 in a distributed framework provided by Endurosat (providing a space-graded OBC that hosted the onboard module), Planetek Hellas (providing a ground-based software framework for the operation of the ground module), and AIKO (development of the onboard and ground modules).

Depending on the complexity of the use case and the need for specific customization a lead time for speedy_SKYLAR can be about two months, during which AIKO will analyze the characteristics of the target constellation network and guide the customer in customizing the software to meet specific needs.

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Last updated: 2022-07-26




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