Address: Corso Castelfidardo 30/A

City: Turin

Country: Italy

Postcode: 10129

State: TO


AIKO is an innovative Italian startup with the goal of developing algorithms exploiting artificial intelligence, to increase the autonomy of current space missions. AIKO research-centered, innovative and futuristic mission is clear: developing algorithms infused with Artificial Intelligence, to increase the autonomy of current space missions. Artificial Intelligence has entered a new period of scientific relevance. It's time to leap from the traditional, rigid, Earth-bound space systems to autonomous, sentient ones. Scientific data must be prioritized, telemetry data must be interpreted with improved accuracy, failures must be mitigated, design must be optimized. AI-based algorithms not only offer increased performances with respect to traditional architectures, but are an enabling technology for advanced mission concepts.


Lorenzo Feruglio


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Last updated: 2018-10-01