The Argotec HACK onboard computer (OBC) offers flexibility thanks to its modular design and reconfigurability. Different standard modules, based on both SoCs and FPGAs, can be assembled without the need of external harness, for a variety of applications, from spacecraft management to hardware acceleration.

Each module is designed to be powered by a single +5VDC rail and has standardized thermal and mechanical interfaces, allowing installation both as a single unit or as part of a complex OBC subsystem.

The standard configuration, which includes one core board and one aXelerator Module, has a volume of about 0.5U, a mass of 800g and offers high performance and multiple standard interfaces.

Key features of the HACK OBC include:

  • Real-time operating system including hardware driver and API for every peripheral
  • Image processing software library
  • Image processing IP cores
  • Memory management IP cores
  • The main SoC (E698PM) is available space grade (TID up to 100krad)
  • The FPGA is available defense-grade
  • Mass memories are available space grade
  • Remaining EEE parts are at least automotive-grade
  • Electrical characterization
  • Functional testing



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Last updated: 2022-02-16

HACK - Modular On-Board Computer



800 g
5 V DC
power consumption
15 W
connector type
MicroD (MIL-DTL-83513)
data interface
GPIOs (single-ended and LVDS)
7x UART (1x single-ended, 6x RS422)
1x CAN
2x SPI
5x SpaceWire (400Mbps each)
processor type
CPU: E698PM quad-core SPARC V8
FPGA: Xilinx Kintex XQ7K325T
cpu memory
128Mb NOR flash
256Mb of DDR2 RAM (ECC protected)


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