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Argotec S.r.l.

Turin, Piedmont, Italy


Argotec is an Italian company focussed on design, development, integration, qualification and operation of near-Earth and deep space satellites. The company has offices in Turin, Italy and Maryland, United States.

The company's smallsat platforms, suitable for deep space missions (6U or 12U), offer high reliability, rad-hardness, and volume for payloads and integrated propulsion systems. Argotec can directly monitor satellites in space using its Mission Control Centre, certified by NASA JPL Deep Space Network. Moreover, Argotec produces custom OBCs (including on-board software and processing algorithms) and EPS' for its platforms.



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Argotec S.r.l.

Turin, Piedmont, Italy

Contact information

Via Cervino, 52, Turin, Piedmont, 10155 - Italy

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Last updated: 2022-02-16