The Arquimea Quad 500 Mbps Bus LVDS Receiver device is a Quad Bus Low Voltage Differential Signals (LVDS) receiver designed for low power, low noise and high-speed operation.

The AQLVR02 LVDS receiver IC is optimized for high speed operations and allows point-to-point or multi-drop interconnects. Multiple backplanes in a system are bridged using the Quad LVDS receiver by design. It supports an ultra-low idle power state through TRI-STATE function by disabling the output stages and load current.

The pins, including CMOS Input/outputs, have cold space capabilities and has high impedance when VDD is tied to VSS. The fully differential LVDS input along with its associated LVCMOS/LVTTL output forms the data path.

When one or two inputs floating or inputs shorted, the output of the LVDS receiver is set to a known high state through an active internal fail-safe circuit that is included as input buffer of the receiver. High voltage drops between ground planes are allowed due to the extended common mode range without affecting the performance.


Typical applications of AQLVR02 includes:

  • Basic bus receiver functions allowing isolation of segments or long-distance applications
  • SpaceWire point-to-point baseband (single termination) over controlled impedance media (printed-circuit board traces, backplanes, or cables)
  • Multipoint (double termination) data transmissions over controlled impedance media (printed-circuit board traces, backplanes, or cables)

Key features

  • CMOS/TTL compatible Inputs/Outputs
  • Cold sparing on all pins
  • Very low skew
  • Fail Safe protection circuit
  • 16-pins, Ceramic Flat Pack (FP-16)
  • ANSI TIA/EIA 644a LVDS standard Compliant
  • Space Quality level
  • Optimum BER in radiation environment at maximum bit rate

Testing & qualification

Arquimea's Quality Management System meets the requirements of UNE-EN 9100:2018 Aerospace Series and has been audited and certified by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification, AENOR.

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Last updated: 2022-02-14

Quad 500 Mbps Bus LVDS Receiver



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