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ARQUIMEA is a Spanish multi-industry technology company operating globally in highly demanding sectors. With over 15 years of experience and close to 400 professionals, ARQUIMEA has five main areas of activity: Aerospace & Defence, Industrial Services, Agrotech, Healthcare and Fintech.

ARQUIMEA’s technologies and capacities include electronics, microelectronics, mechanics, aeronautics, drones, software, artificial intelligence, robotics, and telecommunications.

In space, ARQUIMEA specializes in parts and systems for critical applications, including radiation-hardened microelectronics, as well as custom and off-the-shelf mechanisms. In this field, the company is a European referent supplier of actuators based on its own proprietary high-temperature Shape Memory Alloys (SMA), such as low-shock, field resettable hold-down & release mechanisms (HDRM), pin pullers and deployment mechanisms.

With a 2000 sqm mechanical workshop equipped with the most advanced machinery, and an ISO-8 clean room with thermal vacuum chamber, ARQUIMEA provides manufacturing, assembly, integration and test of space-grade mechanical and electro-mechanical parts, from ground support equipment up to structures and flight equipment. The company participated in three Mars space exploration missions operated by NASA: Mars 2020, InSight in 2018 and Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) in 2012.

In microelectronics, ARQUIMEA is a fabless design house specialized in rad-hard analog, digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits. The company carries out turnkey projects for ASIC, ASSP (Application Specific Standard Products), FPGA, System-on-Chip (SoC), IC products and IP cores in several technologies up to deep submicron. Among other projects, ARQUIMEA has developed microelectronics for the active antennas used by the Hispasat 36W-1, Eutelsat Quantum and Spainsat NG telecommunications satellites. Also, consulting services are available for technology characterization under radiation environments, to validate the reliability and performance of COTS and electronics under radiation environments.


Leganes, Madrid, Spain

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Margarita Salas, 10, Leganes, Madrid, 28918 - Spain

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