The PicoSatellite Launcher (PSL) family is designed to ensure the safety of the CubeSat and to protect the launch vehicle (LV), the primary payload and other satellites to be launched. After the safe transportation of the device into the orbit, a deployment with a high reliability and a low spin rate is achieved by patented design principles. After a successful deployment, a telemetry signal is available for the launch provider.

The family of CubSat Deployer consists of the Single Picosatellite Launcher (SPL), the Double Picosatellite Launcher (DPL) and the Triple Picosatellite Launcher (TPL). The SPL is used to deploy one 1U CubeSat. The DPL is used to deploy one 2U CubeSat or two 1U CubeSats etc. The product line relies on a modular and redundant design approach with focus on high reliability of the chosen space proven parts and principles.

The product features are:

Deployer for 1U, 2U and 3U CubeSats and combinations

Flight proven non-explosive lock and release mechanis

Redundancy in actuation and deployment confirmation signal

Fixation of the CubeSat in X,Y and Z during launch (patented)

Closed envelope for high safety

Defined deployment energy and low spin rate

Deployment is initiated when the door is completely opened and locked (patented)

Large clearance for attachments on the CubeSat

Access ports for maintenance on launch site

No export restrictions

Qualified for a variety of launch providers

Flight Heritage

The innovative development was successfully tested by the University of Applied Sciences Aachen with their satellite project COMPASS-ONE under zero gravity during a parabolic flight.

Four SPL's have been space-proofed during PSLV-C14 flight campaign with the successful release of the pico-satellites BEESat (Technical University Berlin), Swiss-Cube (École Politechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), UWE-2 (University of Würzburg) and the ITÜp-Sat1 (Technical University Istanbul).

BEESAT-2, BEESAT-3 and SOMP were launched using the picosatellite deployers on April 19th 2013 from the rocket launch site in Baikonur as piggiback of the research satellite BION-M1 on a Sojus rocket.

One SPL will be used to deploy BeeSat 4 from the BIROS satellite.We also had successfully placed three DPL and two TPL on the market.

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Last updated: 2020-05-18



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