Busek's BmP-220 micro-pulsed plasma thruster is a small multi-thruster delivering up to 175 Ns of impulse to CubeSats and micro-satellites. Novel, solid-state high voltage switching technology sources multiple emitters via a single selfcontained power processing unit. The BmP-220 features long storage life and wide operational temperature range with no moving parts, no pressure vessel, and non- toxic Teflon propellant, making it ideal for secondary payloads or international Space Station deployment. Busek’s first generation pulsed plasma thruster, MPACS (Micro Propulsion Attitude Control System), successfully operated on FalconSat-3 (launched 2007). Each unit contains all the necessary electronics (PPU/DCIU), requiring only power and command input from the host spacecraft.

  • Predecessor design >7 years on-orbit aboard FalconSat-3
  • Solid, non-toxic Teflon propellant
  • No pressurized containers
  • No moving parts
  • Low power: <3.0 W
  • Precise, pulsed impulse bits (0.02 mN-s)

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Last updated: 2021-02-09



< 3.0 W
0.5 kg

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