Busek Co. Inc.

Natick, United States


Busek Co. Inc. is engaged in applied research, hardware development and speciality manufacturing in space propulsion emphasizing electric propulsion, power electronics and material science. We are a leading source for advanced electric propulsion thrusters for use on military, government, and commercial satellites.

Some of our key accomplishments include:

  • The first US Hall thruster in space
  • The first microPPT thrusters
  • The first flight-proven electrospray thrusters
  • The first propellant-less Carbon Nano-tube Field Emission Cathode Neutralizer
  • The world’s lowest noise thrust stand (noise level below 0.1µN/rt-Hz in the 1mHz-100mHz bandwidth)

Busek Co. Inc.

Natick, United States

Contact information

11 Tech Circle, Natick, MA, 01760 - United States


Vlad Hruby


Lawrence Byrne

Program Manager

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