High resolution 02 satellite is the newest generation of high-resolution satellites self-developed by CGSTL.

Operating at an altitude of 535 km, CGSHR04 has an average revisit time of 6 days and is capable of collecting over 110,000 square kilometers per day of half-meter imagery.

Key features

  • High resolution (0.505m in panchromatic range)
  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost
  • Lightweight

Flight heritage

There is on-orbit flight experience.

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Last updated: 2021-10-20

CGSHR02 - High Resolution 02 Satellite



spectral band
Panchromatic: 450 nm - 700 nm
Blue: 450 nm - 510 nm
Green: 510 nm - 580 nm
Red: 630 nm - 690 nm
Near infrared: 770 nm - 895 nm
spatial resolution
0.505 m (panchromatic @ 535km SSO)
< 2 m (multispectral @ 535km SSO)
15 km
lead time
18 mo


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