Magic Cube satellite is a new generation of 12U high-performance multi-payload cubic satellite.

The satellite flies in an SSO orbit of 500 km and can obtain remote sensing images with a resolution better than 1.25 meters.

It is suitable for ground observation, new technology verification, scientific exploration, biological experiment and other fields.

Key features

  • Short development cycle
  • Strong carrying capacity
  • High reliability
  • Height resolution

Flight heritage

There is on-orbit flight experience.

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Last updated: 2021-10-20

CGSMC01 - Magic Cube Satellite



< 25 kg
spectral band
Panchromatic: 450 nm - 900 nm
Blue: 430 nm - 520 nm
Green: 520 nm - 610 nm
Red: 610 nm - 690 nm
Near infrared: 760 nm - 900 nm
spatial resolution
< 1.25 m (panchromatic @ 500km SSO)
11.5 km
lead time
8 mo

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