The CubeSpace GEN2: CubeWheel - CW0017 is a robust reaction wheel with built-in driver and interface electronics. It has improved vibration tolerance to withstand demanding mission requirements.

This robust design is achieved through high-load space-rated bearings coupled with precision balancing. Integrated into each wheel is a radiation-tolerant electronic drive circuit and speed controller.

The ease of use, together with the robust design, makes the CubeWheel a highly suitable wheel for satellites with strict requirements and reliability.

Depending on the application, a satellite may benefit from either 3 wheels mounted orthogonally, or 4 wheels in a pyramid configuration. Typical use cases of CubeWheel's are:

  • 3 wheels – nadir, sun and inertial pointing
  • 4 wheels – target tracking and fast slew manoeuvres.

Currently, the price of the CubeSpace GEN2: CubeWheel - CW0017 in a pyramid configuration is $21 730,00.

Despite its robust nature, each wheel is precisely balanced to enable high precision and stability ADCS systems.

Please download the accompanying brochure for more detailed specifications.

Key features

  • Robust mechanics
  • Magnetically shielded with internal mu-metal shielding
  • Integrated drive electronics
  • Gen2 common node design with in-orbit programmability
  • Robust mounting with threaded holes and steel coil inserts

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Last updated: 2023-07-13

GEN2: CubeWheel - CW0017

5,170 USD



lead time
12 wk


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