The VHF/UHF transceiver module is a telecommand receiver and telemetry transmitter module compatible with CUBESAT PC104 form factor. This module receives telecommand from VHF(144MHz-148MHz) signals and sends telemetry data over UHF(400-440MHz)signals. It supports HDLC/AX.25 protocol/RAW pattern of data formats for both up-link and down-link communication. The LO signal for UHF receiver and VHF transmitter are generated from on-chip PLL & TCXO available in the module. The module operates with +5V regulated supply. Receiver and transmitter are powered through two independent ports. The VHF receiver has a sensitivity of -117dBm and operates in the dynamic range of -117 to -60dBm. The receiver monitors the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI), current doppler offset and input supply voltages. The module has an UART interface (in RS422 level), SPI interface and GPIO's for sub system command / control. The UHF transmitter can deliver output power upto 0.5W minimum. The forward output power from power amplifier is coupled through a directional coupler and monitored using a Log amplifier and ADC. It also monitors the Power Amplifier (PA) temperature and input supply voltages. The transmitter has dedicated UART interface (in RS422 level) for data transfer from processor / external system.

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Last updated: 2020-12-11




power consumption
< 3 W
transmit power
27 dBm
transmit frequency
400 — 440 MHz
receive frequency
144 — 148 MHz
data rate
1.2 — 115.2 kbps (AFSK 1.2kbps only)
-117 dBm for BER of 10E-5

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