The Power distribution module (PDM), controls the flow of power to spacecraft sub systems / instruments and is custom designed based on specific spacecraft power requirements. The regulated output voltage from EPS (Electrical Power System) is fed to the PDM where the supply voltages are switched through the current limiter MOSFET switches and made available to the sub systems. These individual switches are controlled through Tele command operation or on board autonomous operation for load management. The PDM also monitors the output from battery, solar power sources and regulated bus voltages of EPS. In case of availability of two power sources in the satellite system, the module can be programmed to perform automatic switching between the main and redundant EPS systems based on the power availability and module health status. This module is equipped with 2 channels of I2C interface and 2 channel SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) for easy integration with other sub systems like OBC, EPS and Tele command system. The base module contains 17 Latching current limiters. A pluggable daughter module is an expander module which offers additional 36 nos. of current limiter switches for flexible system integration.

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Last updated: 2020-06-07

Power Distribution Module



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