DCUBED's 1U 100W Origami Solar Array aims to deliver a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solar array solution for NewSpace, enabling high-performance applications while requiring only minimal stowed volume during launch.

This is a paradigm shift in the industry – now, extremely power-intensive space mission can be more easily realized using small satellites and nanosatellites. Using DCUBED’s 1U 100 Origami Solar Array, such missions are no longer exclusively possible via cost-intensive large satellites with high deployment risk and long lead times.

DCUBED addresses this need by delivering a COTS-based, scalable, and deployable solar array for small satellites and NanoSats, stowable in less than a 1U CubeSat unit, and capable of generating 100W of power at EOL (End of Life). An In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) mission for this system is scheduled for 2023.

Key features

  • Stowed Volume: 90 x 90 x 90mm (1U)
  • Mass: < 2kg
  • EOL Power: 100W (5 years lifetime)
  • Bus voltage: 14.7 to 24V
  • Redundant Actuation
  • Compliant with the CubeSat standard
  • Compatible with standard CubeSat dispensers


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Last updated: 2023-07-13

1U 100W Origami Solar Array




lead time
< 12 mo
1.2 kg
1 U
100 mm (Stowed)
1100 mm (Deployed)
100 mm (Stowed)
1100 mm (Deployed)
100 mm (Stowed)
190 mm (Deployed)
end-of-life power1
100 W
bus voltage
14.7 to 24 V
in-orbit liftime (deployed)
> 5 yr

1. scalable to higher and lower power levels


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