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Germering, Germany


DCUBED (Deployables Cubed GmbH) is a Germany-based company that provides new capabilities for CubeSat and SmallSat missions by developing user-friendly COTS release actuators, mechanisms, and deployable structures.

In space, the prevailing trend is towards small and standardized satellites that can be launched in the hundreds. But small form factors, particularly within the launcher, limit the possibility of advanced missions that require high power (large solar arrays), high data downlink (large antennas) and large apertures (large telescopes).

One way to overcome these limitations is to use deployable structures such as appendices, foldable antennas, or sails. These are stowed during launch and unfolded once in orbit, allowing new, higher performance applications which in the past have only been possible with larger satellites.

To enable unprecedented CubeSat and smallsat missions, the Munich-based NewSpace company DCUBED develops miniature actuators, mechanisms and deployables, specifically designed and developed with the needs of smallsat and nanosatellite operators in mind.


Germering, Germany

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Burgweg 6, Germering, 82110 - Germany

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Last updated: 2022-11-23