DcubeD offers the nano DCUBED Release Nut (nD3RN) for SmallSat, NanoSat and other New Space applications ranging from triggering the release of deployable structure like solar arrays or antennas, to CubeSat deployers and satellite HDRM solutions that release the satellite from the launcher, to various other applications where a joint connection needs to be separated like for example a rover from a lander. The actuator is designed and developed by keeping the needs of the New Space customer in mind, where size, costs as well as delivery time are most critical.

DcubeD also offers a counterpart pin puller that can be viewed here.

DcubeD is available to work with customers to develop custom solutions that fit their needs. DcubeD especially excels in scenarios where customers need to pack their space-bound sytem in a small form factor for launch, but then needs to be big in space.

Key features

  • Space flight proven and redundant technology
  • Resettable in seconds >100 times
  • Short delivery time
  • Axial actuation load: 200 N
  • Adaptable interfaces
  • Export limitation free

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Last updated: 2022-06-20

Nano DcubeD Release Nut (nD3RN)



lead time1
2 wk
17 mm
17 mm
18 mm
operating temperature
-35 to 80 C
required current
1.6A to 2A

1. depending on stock


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