The EXA DMSA 3U/A is a Deployable Multifunction Solar Array designed for 3U CubeSats.

It is based on artificial muscles for CubeSats in the range of 1U to 6U. The arrays fold into a panel attached to the CubeSat structure just as another solar panel and once in orbit, it deploys to full extension. It also includes deploy and release contact sensors and its own deploy control board.

The product also includes embedded antennas that range from VHF to L band, where customers no longer need to buy and manage antenna systems separately. The DMSA has them embedded in its structure as 2 monopoles or 1 dipole and they deploy with the solar array, therefore customers can just connect the cable to their radio.

It also has an embedded magnetorquer, sun, and temperature sensors. The customers can configure their choice of solar cells like EXA's low-cost and high-efficiency solar cells for very high-power missions; the maximum folded thickness is 6.25 mm for the 3-panel array. Every array is tested and qualified in EXA's own facilities and shipped with full reports, the DMSA 3U/A yields the best results when coupled with the company's high-capacity batteries.

Key features

  • Heritage release with artificial muscles, spring operated deploy
  • Release within 5 seconds, Deploys immediately
  • Embedded antennas can be configured as 2 monopoles or 1 dipole, frequency range from VHF to L-band
  • Includes Release control board and contact sensors
  • Sun sensors and temperature sensors embedded
  • Designed for LEO missions and requirements
  • Manufactured according to space standards and custom mission design
  • Functional, performance, thermal bake-out, and vibration tests are provided with documentation
  • Very thin, 6.25mm folded, each panel is only 1.5mm thick
  • Discounts for complete mission sets
  • Compatible with ISIS and Pumpkin Structures
  • Compliant to CubeSat Standard
  • Compatible with QuadPack and ISIPOD Launch Adapters

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Last updated: 2023-09-05

DMSA 3U/A: Deployable Multifunction Solar Array



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