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The EXA ICEPS is designed to be the central operational heart of CubeSats, enabling modular use of higher performance hardware and features. ICEPS compresses the functions of many cards into a single, 25mm-thick system, using modularity for fully customizable hardware that can range from being simply an EPS or including a range of features.

ICEPS can interface and work with any compatible USB hardware, but it is designed to optimally operate in conjunction with EXA-developed hardware, like BA03 Battery Arrays, DMSAs (Deployable Solar Panel), and SEAM/NEMEA shielding. ICEPS is also the system core of the EXA's KRATOS spacecraft bus, including all of these components. Although initially designed to handle requirements for a 1U CubeSat, ICEPS is ready and able to handle all these requirements for larger CubeSat missions.

ICEPS is set to launch on IRVINE03 onboard the NASA ELaNa launch in Q4/2021, on IRVINE04 onboard ELaNA also in 2022, on K'OTO onboard HTV for Q3/2021, and onboard INSPIREFLY for 2022. It is also the system core of an upcoming lunar mission onboard the Astrobotic Peregrine Lander, set to land on the moon in Q3/2021.

The central features of the system core include:

  • Embedded laser communications
  • Integrated Epik Z2 OBC with 2 SDR radios
  • USB and I2C bus
  • SSD storage up to 512GB
  • Automatic control of deployables
  • 100W capable EPS
  • 6-axis IMU
  • ITAR free product

ICEPS is delivered with:

  • Full engineering support
  • Test reports and ICD
  • Interface custom cables
  • Choice of aluminum spacers M2.5

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Last updated: 2022-04-26

ICEPS Spacecraft System Core All-In-One: EPS/OBC/Radio

starts at 20,500 EUR



  • CAD model(35.87 MB)
  • Datasheet(2.65 MB)
  • ICD(286.45 KB)
  • Option sheet(183.58 KB)
  • User manual


lead time
2 to 4 mo
100 g
96 mm
96 mm
25 mm
operating temperature
-50 to 125 C
nominal power
50W (continuously)
maximum power
65 W
peak power
100W for 2.5s
system storage
32 to 512 GB
bus type
USB 2.0
transmit frequency
70 MHz to 6 GHz
receive frequency
70 MHz to 6 GHz
data rate
< 100 Mb/s
28.5 dBm integrated LNB
-110 dBm
transmit power
5 dB
up to 36 dB with a 2nd stage amplifier


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