The Kongsberg NanoAvionics MP42H is a satellite bus designed for Microsatellite missions.

It is the smallest and lightest microsatellite bus and comes with an 8″ or 15″ ESPA-class separation ring for deployment in orbit.

The system is pre-installed and pre-qualified for a faster, simpler setup, allowing users to focus more time and effort on high-value tasks such as payload integration and testing. It can accommodate payloads with a total mass of 15 kg (8″) or 30kg (15″) and a maximum footprint of 410(L) x 392(W) x 330(H)* mm. *Payload height is flexible, as long as the total satellite height does not exceed the launch vehicle’s allowable volume.

NanoAvionics offers three MP42H microsatellite standard performance configurations for 8″ and 15″ versions – Light, Mid, and Max – providing options that best match customers’ payload, mission objectives, and budget.

The MP42H is a highly modular system. Configurable subsystems and operational protocols are included which enable faster setup. The system also has a sample mission code pre-installed so that testing can commence immediately upon delivery. It is equally well-suited for use in single-satellite missions or as the standardized platform for an entire constellation.

The bus is highly versatile and optimized for remote sensing, high data throughput, emergency communications, and fundamental research missions.

Key features

  • Total empty bus mass: from 18 kg (depends on configuration)
  • Maximum satellite mass: 40 kg* (depends on configuration and Payload Mass Properties)
  • MP42H Payload Envelope: 280 x 325 x 280* mm (*satellite height is highly adjustable to customers' payload requirements, up to 1300 mm)
  • MP42H Bus is already pre-integrated (mechanically, electrically, and functionally tested) and pre-qualified to be ready for instant payload integration. Therefore, final flight acceptance and flight readiness procedures are minimized for the Customer.
  • The default operation of the MP42H Bus during satellite missions is implemented at the command level by execution of uploaded scripts.
  • A sophisticated mission code can be prepared by the NanoAvionics team according to separately agreed terms and conditions.

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Last updated: 2024-02-05

MP42H - Microsatellite Bus



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