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The BM 2 uses eight high-current 18650-size Li-Ion cells and is compatible with a wide range of power systems. It is available in 2S4P (5.2-8.4V), 3S2P (7.8-12.6V) and 4S2P (10.4-16.8V) configurations and can deliver 15A to a load from two identical connectors. Depending on its battery configuration and chemistry, it can provide up to 160W of power and store up to 100Wh of energy. Charging is also very fast, with all configurations supporting a minimum of 5A during charging.

The BM 2 utilizes a coulomb-counting battery supervisor to accurately report on the battery's current State-of-Charge (SoC) at all times. This dedicated supervisor also provides first-level OV, UV, OC and OT protection to prevent damage to the batteries and electronics. A Pumpkin SupMCU™ handles telecommands and telemetry via SCPI over I2C, provides cell balancing, and provides additional higher-level functions like Intelligent Charge Override (ICO™), automatic fault clearing, programmable battery heater control and deep sleep modes. All telemetry is timestamped and fully formatted in engineering units; there is no need to apply calibration constants or conversion factors to BM 2 telemetry.

The BM 2 is thermally- and vibration-optimized via its high-strength frame; it can be mounted directly in any Pumpkin SUPERNOVA™ structure, and it can be adapted to 1U/1.5U/2U/3U CubeSat-class structures. A 6-signal, 14-wire interface harness enables connections to the standard 104-pin CubeSat bus via a suitable adapter.

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Last updated: 2021-07-22

Intelligent Protected Lithium Battery Module with SoC Reporting (BM 2)

10,500 USD - 12,500 USD



< 700 g
48.4 mm
100 mm
100 mm
battery type
battery capacity
3000 mAh (@ 0.2 C and 25°C)
battery pack voltage
3.6 V
operating temperature
-40 C to 50 C (charge)
-40 C to 75 C (discharge)


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