Address: 750 Naples Street

City: San Francisco

Country: United States


State: California


Pumpkin is a leading provider of space-proven CubeSat components and technologies. Pumpkin's COTS CubeSat structures, solar panels and solar arrays, CDH electronics, battery systems and test equipment all form a comprehensive architecture for science, technology, defense and experimental nanosatellite missions. Hundreds of Pumpkin customers world-wide benefit from the most cost-effective, strongest, lightest, most modular, scalable and customizable space-proven bus available. Since 2003, Pumpkin set the standard for CubeSat electronics, configurable structures, end-user directed customization, and CubeSat integration. Pumpkin end-users benefit from in-stock and on-time delivery, COTS pricing, a wide range of possible configurations, the CubeSat Kit open standard, and comprehensive electronics, software and 3D CAD modeling support. Pumpkin offers complete solutions from 1U to 6U in size. Pumpkin understands CubeSats inside and out. Our engineering team is available to assist in configuring your bus and integrating your payload for upcoming nanosat missions.


Andrew Kalman


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Last updated: 2019-09-20