The Scanway Satellite Health Scanner (SHS) is health monitoring subsystem consisting of detectors, data processing and transmission modules.

The camera of the SHS system is fixed onto a mechanical arm which unfolds once the satellite attains a target orbit.

The camera enables observation of modules such as solar panels, telescope, or any mechanical structures.

High quality images of the satellite taken by the camera are then analysed using vision algorithms to monitor structural changes.

SHS MVP - VIBE (Vision Inspection Boom Experiment) is a part of the STAR VIBE mission, Scanway's first demonstration mission to be flown in June 2022.


  • Determination of the causes of failure of individual satellite modules
  • Monitoring of satellite degradation over longer period of time
  • Tracking the root of changes
  • Reducing the downtimes and eliminating risks of next iterations of satellites (constellations)

Key features

  • Functional modules to enable multiple applications
  • Thermographic cameras and sensors to identify overheating components
  • Boom cameras to diagnose external structures, solar panels and breakdown mechanisms
  • Situational cameras
  • Radiation dose detection modules
  • Data processing on board and transmission to Earth
  • Potencial ability to operate in independent communication channel and independent power supply mode


The product is available in following configurations,

  • VIBE - Vision Inspection Boom
  • VIME - Vision Invspection Micromanipulator
  • SPoT - Single Point Temperature
  • FoT - Field of Temperature
  • SiA - Situation Awareness

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Last updated: 2022-04-26

Satellite Health Scanner (SHS)



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