The STEEL Electronique MOBC is a high performance, flexible, central processing board designed for cubesats and nanosatellites. This board was designed in particular for the first 12U CubeSat completely built by French industry, called ANGELS (ARGOS Néo on a Generic Economical and Light Satellite).

MOBC features the Zynq7000 System On Chip, making it a powerful OBC. Beside the processing core, the MOBC unit offers also a wide range of AOCS interfaces and is highly configurable for custom applications and interfaces.

The MOBC is manufactured according to the following:

  • PCBA: IPC-A-610 class 3
  • Conformally coating
  • Automotive COTS EEE and process

The following MOBC models are available:

  • Engineering Model
  • Flight Model including Acceptance testing:
    • Vibrations (random)
    • Burn-in 240 hours
    • APTC (ambient pressure thermal cycling)

As the STEEL MOBC is highly configurable, the product presents a variety of interface options for custom applications. Other custom options may be available on request.



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Last updated: 2022-02-16

MOBC - On Board Computer for Nanosatellites



286 g (with heatsink frame)
90.2 mm
99.4 mm
34.4 mm
input voltage
5V (non regulated bus)
5V (switched power lines)
5V/3.3V (backplane)
power consumption
3.5W typical
processor type
Zynq 7030 dual core with FPGA matrix (125Kcells)
data storage
1GB DDR3 (512MB with ECC protection)
16MB QSPI (boot memory)
32GB mass memory (NAND Flash)
256kB FRAM
connector type
data interface
external interfaces 1: 2 SpaceWire
external interfaces 1: 2 full-duplex RS485/RS422, 2 half-duplex RS485/RS422 (for PPS)
external interfaces 2: 5 full-duplex RS485/RS422, 2 half-duplex/full-duplex tuneable RS485/RS422
PC104 backplane interfaces: 1 CAN Bus interface
PC104 backplane interfaces: 1 full-duplex RS485/RS422, 1 half-duplex RS485/RS422
PC104 backplane interfaces: 1 I2C
PC104 backplane interfaces: 1 SPI PL
operating temperature
-30 to 55 C
22.3 (parallel)
19.8 (perpendicular)
radiations TID
> 11 krad, latch up free


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