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STEEL ELECTRONIQUE offers electronics & electromechanical equipment for space missions including onboard computers, mass memories, & DC-DC converters. The company was founded in 1971, and following the liquidation of its parent company, STEEL ELECTRONIQUE became independent in 2001.

STEEL ELECTRONIQUE manufactures and sells (under CNES license):

  • On Board Computers (OBC) for microsatellite platforms and micro/mini-satellites payloads (EGCU)
  • "Off the shelf" DC/DC ITAR FREE converters for space applications, Solid State Mass Memories with interfaces for platform or payload computers
  • MIL-STD-1553B interface boards. The cards can operate as Remote Terminal (RT) or Bus Controller (BC) for DHU Proteus interface or 1553 equipment interface. They could also be interfaced with OBCs.
  • new CPU cards based on the last generation of processors for space applications
  • SpaceWire multiplexer card that can be interfaced with OBCs: avionics bus for the new generation of platforms, multiplexer function, 3x SpaceWire links and OSLink, ITAR-FREE, FPGA RTSX72SU.

STEEL ELECTRONIQUE carries out the bulk of its activities in the field of space (about 90% of its turnover), where its main customers are public institutions like CNES, ONERA, CEA or private customers, such as EADS-Astrium and Thales Alenia Space.

In recent years, STEEL ELECTRONIQUE has focussed on collaborating and participating actively in many space programs and industrial partnerships with other SMEs specialized in general mechanics, software or microwave solutions.



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Martres Tolosane, France

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