The Texas Instruments TIDA-070001 is a reference design demonstrating how to implement redundancy at the input of a Point-of-Load (POL) supply with two TPS7H2201-SP radiation hardened eFuse load switches featuring an adjustable over-voltage protection (OVP).

A primary and redundant voltage is supplied to the rad harderend POL step-down converter TPS50601A-SP using two load switches. The load switch not only provides protection through an adjustable over-current protection (OCP) limit but also allows to monitor with a current sense output pin. The additional protection shorts are provided using the current limit of POL converter.

Supported products

Key features

  • Adjustable over-current protection (OCP) limit
  • Adjustable over-voltage (OVP) limit
  • Redundant inputs
  • Configurable soft start
  • Enable/disable functionality


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Last updated: 2021-12-21


3- to 7-VIN, Space-grade point-of-load (POL) reference design with redundant eFuse inputs for OCP



input voltage
3 to 7 V DC
output current
< 6 A
output power
15 W


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