The Q8 SDR (Software-Defined Radio) Dock is a daughterboard for Xiphos’ Q8 hybrid processor card. The Q8 SDR Dock allows the integration of a GOMspace NanoCom TR-600 SDR module, which is based on Analog Devices’ popular AD9361 wideband transceiver RF System on a Chip (RFSoC).

The Q8 SDR Dock daughtercard offers the following key features:

  • Interface to GOMspace NanoCom TR-600 SDR module
  • PPS, CANBUS, serial, UART (LVDS), USB interfaces
  • Power interfaces (+5V, +12V)

The high-performance processing and massive FPGA resources of the Q8 allow the development of advanced SDR algorithms for space broadband, IoT and RF sensing applications.

The video below is a presentation by Xiphos from the 2021 satsearch webinar: "a guide to advanced data processing and AI for satellite missions". For more information about the webinar, and to see footage of the entire event, please click here here

Flight heritage

The system has achieved flight heritage and is flying since September 2020.

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Last updated: 2024-02-05

Q8 SDR Dock




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