• Address: 2 Via Giuseppe Mazzini
  • City: Milano
  • Country: Italy
  • Postcode: 20123
  • State: Lombardia


D-Orbit’s mission is focused on stopping the systematic increase of concentration in uncontrolled debris in space, promoting a sustainable access to Space and adding a fourth dimension to the common notion of sustainability: Earth, Air, Sea and Space. D-Orbit offers smart propulsive devices that remove artificial satellites from their orbits at the end of their useful life. De-Orbiting and re-orbiting are executed quickly, safely and at time convenient for the end user.D-Orbit is installed on the satellite prior to launch. By providing a sustainable access to Space, D-Orbit extends satellite life and increases revenues for the operator.With D-Orbit, Space and Sustainability go together to preserve the orbital space for the future.



D3 Decommissioning Device


Last updated: 2015-05-01