Orbital Astronautics Ltd

Didcot, United Kingdom


OrbAstro (Orbital Astronautics Ltd) is a space technology company focused on compressing the upfront cost and lead-time to get from business idea to revenue generation, for companies utilising satellites. The company achieves this by providing compelling satellites and services, well-aligned with both future market needs and impending requirements from regulators. Beyond this, OrbAstro is building an orbital infrastructure that greatly increases the capabilities of customer satellites, compounding the value proposition associated with their businesses in a way not otherwise possible.

OrbAstro is based in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. With talented and experienced team in the nanosatellite industry, with more missions under their belts than people, the lean team of 12 engineers that make up the company are focussed on delivering solutions for global customers. With an OrbAstro satellite batch-production facility being built, the company is working towards ISO-9001 standards.

Orbital Astronautics Ltd

Didcot, United Kingdom

Contact information

Atlas Building, Harwell Campus, Curie Avenue, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 0QX - United Kingdom


Ash Dove-Jay


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