Leaf Track is Leaf Space's launch vehicle telemetry reception service that provides launcher telemetry data to clients via the company's worldwide, distributed Ground Station Network, mainly used by the company's Leaf Line service.

Thanks to the distribution of the network and the auto track capability of some of the ground stations, the Leaf Track service can support several launch sites' locations, and early launch and orbit injection trajectories.

Efficient data delivery, enabled by the cloud-based service architecture and simplified concept of operations are some of the main features that satisfy Leaf Space's customers' needs.

In order to meet the different requirements of each customer, Leaf Space also offers various solutions covering both the leveraging of the company's global network of ground stations and the deployment of a new antenna dedicated to the requested launch campaign.

The Leaf Track service also includes the activities to be performed as test campaigns before the launch, the integration with the specific modulation and coding schemes required from the customer, and the activation and management of the radio frequency licenses required to operate the ground stations.

Leaf Space already supported 5 launch campaigns so far, primarily small launch vehicles, and is looking forward to supporting your launch too!

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Last updated: 2024-01-23

Leaf Track



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