The SkyLabs NANOsky CMM™ is a software development kit (SDK) for monitoring, controlling and managing any SkyLabs satellite equipment. The SDK comprises of application library and FW module.

The SDK offers a fast prototyping and ease integration to third-party software through comprehensive C++ library and application-level examples.

The SDK reduces the development time of NANOsky equipment integration to the customer specific AIV/T, EGSE or even MOC software through its application library module.

The application library module offers a framework in Qt/C++ for both Windows and Linux environments and supports functionalities of all NANOsky and picoRTU.

The C-based FW module offers a standard set of functions for the onboard computer to be integrated into RTOS upon which an application layer functions can be developed.

The features of the flight proven FW module:

  • FW image selection and integrity checks
  • housekeeping TM acquisition and logging
  • bootloader
  • FW update mechanism
  • CAN-TS and LVDS-TS communication stacks
  • verified FDIR mechanism
  • OBT management
  • emergency mode operation
  • parameters system
  • permanent storage subsystem
  • memory management
  • redundancy management
  • software scrubber

The NANOsky CMM application library is compliant with following products of SkyLabs:

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Last updated: 2022-04-22




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