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As emerging markets mature, SMEs like ourselves need to take advantage of the speed and efficiency of our operations to expand our global footprint. This is where satsearch is valuable to us.

Space BD is on a mission to integrate world-class Japanese capabilities into the global NewSpace ecosystem. Satsearch allows us to provide value to our customers by connecting our local knowledge with the global space supply chain.


While we strive to ensure the highest quality, third-party organizations are a part of our community, satsearch cannot accept any responsibility for the content of external websites or the offers of any third-party organization.

We are unable to legally verify the authenticity or quality of any products offered by Members, and we make no claims as to the capability or authority of any supplier to provide goods or services advertised or marketed via the satsearch platform or elsewhere. We also make no claims as to the feasibility, sustainability, financial integrity or suitability of any Member company.

Our aim is to provide the satsearch community with the most relevant product and supplier information to meet their needs. To achieve this goal we have ensured that inclusion in the Membership Program has no impact on the quality of search results presented to satsearch users.

The most relevant products will still be presented, ranked and ordered to give users the best possible results, and there are no changes to product hierarchies. The only difference between the display of products from members and non members are minor design changes.