Access new procurement opportunities from across the global space market

Properly executed inbound marketing is 10x more effective1 for converting sales leads than outbound strategies, and can lead to over 100% more revenue2 for B2B companies.

It's a new era of opportunity for space. The global industry is growing and diversifying at an astonishing rate, with new potential customers, investors, and markets emerging daily.

But the industry is also becoming more competitive. Every year more innovations are qualified for use in orbit and brought to market. Legacy companies are expanding their portfolios to capture growing demand, while startups and spinouts are challenging established business models and companies.

The Satsearch Membership Program was created to help serious space suppliers grow their business in the middle of all these challenges and opportunities.

Our online marketplace is used by thousands of engineers every week, from over 120 countries, who are eagerly searching for new products, services, and partners. In the past 18 months they have generated over $700 million in new business opportunities for suppliers across the industry.

The Satsearch Membership Program enables companies like you to showcase your business to this valuable audience, so we can send leads directly to your inbox.

1. Source: Invesp, 2016.
2. Source: Intellistart, 2021.

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"When working on the commercialization of space, it is essential to make the procurement process as easy and uncomplicated as possible, and this is where satsearch offers an excellent marketplace for the space industry and helps give a great overview for the customer of what the market has to offer."

"As a satellite supplier and a satsearch partner, we have had many sales inquiries through satsearch, many of whom are our customers today."

"Satsearch is a bridge between Alén Space and our potential customers. It is very pleasant to collaborate with such a professional team like satsearch."

Why should you join?

Tap into global demand for your business

Your next great customer might be a company you've never heard of or a national space agency that you didn't know were looking for a solution like yours.

Your sales teams can only pitch to prospects they know about and marketing campaigns can only target audiences you already understand.

With the Satsearch Membership Program, we can bring a diverse range of new business prospects directly to you.

The satsearch marketplace is used by teams that work at space agencies, government agencies, prime contractors, small-medium enterprise (SMEs), startups, research institutes, and universities, all around the world.

Systems engineers, procurement engineers, researchers, and innovators, from both established and emerging space nations, have procured thousands of products and services on the platform, generating millions of dollars in transactions.

It is important to note that we can offer commercial opportunities, not guaranteed sales. As you know, it takes a lot of time and effort to close a sale for a space solution, often involving several rounds of meetings, proposals, and negotiations.

We have no input or control over these stages of the process, so we cannot guarantee that any given lead will turn into revenue for your company. What we can offer is to provide leads and procurement opportunities that you wouldn't have otherwise accessed, and for which your ongoing effort to attract is very minimal.

Here are just a few examples of the organizations whose engineers use satsearch:


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What satsearch can do for you

The satsearch marketplace could be the ideal channel in your marketing and lead generation mix that your business has been waiting for.

But we understand that every company in the space industry is different. As a result, we tailor our membership package based on your needs and how we can best work with your marketing and sales teams to drive growth.

Our services include:

Sales Qualified Leads - procurement opportunities delivered directly to you. Once a buyer files a request on the marketplace for your product or service, our team will qualify their interest.

We'll then directly inform your sales team with the preliminary information about the buyer, the high level specification of the requirements, the timelines for potential procurement, the volume, and other details, so that you have all the information needed to have a deeper sales discussion with the prospect. It's then down to your team to close the sale!

Alongside the direct leads for your business (or for product/service requests that you can fulfill) we also publish open leads we have received on this page.

We also understand that potential buyers may find your information on the satsearch marketplace but then approach you directly and become your customer. There's no efficient way to track this, but we estimate that this happens in around 30-50% of the procurement opportunities we have generated.

We're happy to accept this level of leakage as it is in the spirit of supporting our members and enabling the satsearch buyer community to find the solutions they need.

Positioning your portfolio - we know what it takes to communicate your offers in a way that resonates with engineers in your target market. Satsearch members benefit from our support in creating rich, comprehensive, and well-structured pages on the marketplace for each product and service you offer (non-member companies can only list limited information).

Marketing activities - we've developed deep expertise in space industry technical marketing and business development, which you can put to work for your company. We have also established significant followings and active marketing channels that can be used to amplify your promotion, in long-form articles, podcasts, video webinars and live demos, newsletters, and on social media.

Industry intelligence - the size of our user base, and our unique vantage point in the industry as a neutral marketplace, enables us to assess trends and opportunities with accurate and valuable data. As our member, you'll have access to this information, respecting all data protection and confidentiality guidelines, to help direct your sales efforts and inform your commercial strategy.

Below you can see an overview of the benefits that satsearch offers to members compared with non-member companies listed on the marketplace:

Access to qualified procurement opportunities
Direct introductions to qualified sales opportunities
Ability to bid on open procurement leads from a wide variety of missions and organizations
Trust-enhancing information for products and services
Extensive product/service information including detailed technical specifications, embedded videos/images, export control details and qualification data
Share the logos of customers using your products and their lead times
Product/service names and links to supplier pages
Product/service asset downloads e.g. datasheets, CAD models, or Interface Control Documents (ICDs)
Technology Readiness Level (TRL) information
Industry intelligence and marketing support
Managed marketing campaigns on established channels with engineers in 120+ countries
Unique industry intelligence information to support outbound sales and business development

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How to apply for the Satsearch Membership Program

Getting started is quick and easy. Simply click here to arrange a convenient time to meet with our team and discuss your needs. We'll then put together a proposal based on your specific requirements.

Once we've both agreed the terms of the contract, the next step is to list your company and product/service portfolio on the satsearch marketplace so you can begin attracting interest and business opportunities.

At this time it is not possible to add any information to the live marketplace yourself - everything is handled by the satsearch team, with direction from you. We'll adapt your existing content and information to our editorial style and create unique pages which will be different to your own website. These can be updated at any time.

For members we build rich, comprehensive pages to describe your portfolio for engineers, whereas non-members have basic listings with limited information or additional assets. You can see how the pages of satsearch members and non-members compare here.

As soon as these pages go live you'll begin to benefit from exposure to thousands of space engineers from around the world, and be eligible to get new business opportunities to grow your brand.

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Once you sign up to the Satsearch Membership Program you’ll be a valued part of our member community, alongside businesses all around the world.

AAC Clyde Space
Accord Software & Systems Private Limited
ACM Coatings GmbH (subsidiary of Acktar Ltd.)
Airbus Netherlands B.V.
Alén Space
Azista BST Aerospace
Bradford Space
Bright Ascension
CORAC Engineering
Dhruva Space
DHV Technology
Dimac Red
Dragonfly Aerospace
Ecuadorian Space Agency (EXA)
GranStal Solutions Ltd.
IQ Technologies for Earth and Space GmbH
Kongsberg NanoAvionics
KP Labs
Leaf Space
NewSpace Systems
NPC Spacemind
O.C.E. Technology
Oxford Space Systems
Pale Blue
Rafael Ltd.
Remos Space Systems AB
Rubicon Space Systems
Scanway S.A.
Sfera Technologies
Simera Sense
SkyFox Labs s.r.o.
SkyLabs d.o.o.
Sodern S.A.
Solar MEMS Technologies S.L.
Space BD
Space Core
Space Inventor ApS
Spacemanic CZ, s.r.o
Spiral Blue
SteamJet Space Systems
Tensor Tech
Texas Instruments
Unibap AB
Vyoma GmbH
Xiphos Systems Corporation
Zephyr Computing Systems
Zero-G Radiation Assurance
Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies - IRCA SPA

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