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AAC Clyde Space
Accord Software & Systems Private Limited
ACM Coatings GmbH (subsidiary of Acktar Ltd.)
Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands
Alén Space
Azista BST Aerospace
Berlin Space Technologies GmbH
Bradford ECAPS
Bradford Space
Bright Ascension
COSATS Co., Ltd.
Dhruva Space
DHV Technology
Dimac Red
Dragonfly Aerospace
Ecuadorian Space Agency (EXA)
GranStal Solutions Ltd.
IQ Technologies for Earth and Space GmbH
KP Labs
Leaf Space
NewSpace Systems
NPC Spacemind
Oxford Space Systems
Pale Blue
Rafael Ltd.
Rubicon Space Systems
Scanway S.A.
Serenum Space
Sfera Technologies
Simera Sense
SkyFox Labs s.r.o.
SkyLabs d.o.o.
Sodern S.A.
Solar MEMS Technologies S.L.
Space BD
Space Inventor ApS
Spacemanic CZ, s.r.o
Tensor Tech
Texas Instruments
Unibap AB
Vyoma GmbH
Xiphos Systems Corporation

Why should you join?

Listing on satsearch is entirely free and without obligations. To start listing your business, click on the button below (information submitted through the form will be displayed publicly). Once your supplier hub is up and running, we will work with you to build dedicated listings for products and services that you'd like to showcase to buyers across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a space industry supplier, how can satsearch help grow my business?

Companies in the space industry have traditionally used conferences, events, resellers, and distributors to generate leads for their products and services.

We take a different approach.

We have built a platform used by thousands of engineers and procurement specialists every week, from over 100 countries and territories, to find new suppliers that meet their needs.

We help suppliers like you showcase your products and services to this audience. We then qualify potential buyers and send on Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) from your target customer base for your company.

You can use satsearch as an additional channel in your marketing and lead generation mix, beyond the existing channels where it can be hard to break through the noise.

Who uses satsearch and for what purpose?

We help space professionals source products & services from global suppliers for ground, launch, and space projects.

Our website is used by systems engineers, procurement engineers, and researchers in over 100 countries. We help them access and understand relevant technical and procurement information pertaining to products & services offered globally. This allows them to conduct faster, better, more comprehensive trade studies, enabling them to make the right procurement decisions.

We serve teams that work at space agencies, government agencies, prime contractors, small-medium enterprise, startups, research institutes, and universities from established and emerging space nations.

We have helped engineers procure thousands of space products and services from suppliers in the global industry, generating millions of dollars of transactions.

What does satsearch offer members?

Every business in the space industry is different. As a result, we tailor our membership based on your needs. Our services include listing management and optimization, access to Sales Qualified Leads, marketing activities, and business intelligence reporting.

We work with your marketing and sales teams to drive growth.

To get a better idea of how satsearch can support your business, book a meeting here.

Does satsearch offer free trials?

We aren't currently offering free trials.

How can I get my business listed on satsearch?

You can start the listing process on satsearch by filling out this form to become a member (or click on the "become a member" button above).

Satsearch uses this information to build your supplier hub. Once completed, we will get in touch.

How do I add products and services to our supplier hub on satsearch?

Once your supplier hub on satsearch is live, we'll get in touch and you can send us all of your information, including datasheets/brochures, TRL levels, lead times, images, CAD models, ICDs, user manuals, prices, etc.

Buyers in the space industry increasingly make decisions based on trust, transparency, and timely access to accurate information about technologies that meet their needs - so the more details you share about what you offer, the better!

How does satsearch provide high quality Sales Qualified Leads to members?

Satsearch has built features, relationships, and process that enable us to better qualify opportunities in the market, by understanding the buyer's interest, mission requirements, timelines, and volume expectations.

Through this, we can help you to receive only high quality opportunities in which all the preliminary information is already available, so you can be in a better position to close the sale, with a prospect that you may not otherwise have had access to.

Check out recent leads by clicking here.

How will I get notified about Sales Qualified Leads from satsearch?

Once a buyer files a request on the platform for your product or service, our team will qualify their interest.

We will directly inform your sales team with the preliminary information about the buyer, the high level specification of the requirements, the timelines for potential procurement, the volume, and so on, so that you have all the information needed to have a deeper sales discussion with the buyer.

How can I learn more about how my businesss can benefit from satsearch?

We're happy to share more information about how satsearch works, and learn more about your company to discuss how we can help.

To book a meeting with us please use the link here.