Verified Supplier Program

The satsearch Verified Supplier Program (VSP) enables our valued users to identify suppliers that have made a personal commitment towards engagement on the satsearch platform.

Our Verified Suppliers

We are working hard to ensure all interested supplier businesses are able to achieve verified status as soon as possible. To date, the following suppliers are verified:

Berlin Space Technologies GmbH
Lens R&D
NanoAvionika, LLC
NewSpace Systems (Pty) Ltd.
Open Cosmos
Space Structures GmbH
T4i srl

The program

If you are searching for space technology or services from a provider you can trust, or if you are a supplier looking for a way to demonstrate your capacity, commitment and credibility in an ever-changing industry, then the satsearch Verified Supplier Program could be just what you need.

Ensuring trust, quality and consistency is vital in the space industry. As the sector grows, diversifies and democratizes, it is important that upstream clients can find and access credible supplier businesses that meet their needs.

In addition, with space startup and spinout activity growing, and cutting-edge products reaching the market from new providers on a regular basis, it can be difficult for a supplier to demonstrate the credibility needed to build commercial success.

The satsearch Verified Supplier Program is designed to help companies achieve these aims. We’ve worked with our valued partners to develop new features on our platform to help businesses demonstrate a commitment to support & leverage our global marketplace for space technology.

Identifying Verified Suppliers

There are two ways to determine if a satsearch-listed business has joined the Verified Supplier Program; through identification on the company’s supplier page (check out our global supplier network through our supplier map) and on individual product listings in search results.

What Verified Suppliers offer

Suppliers on the satsearch platform that achieve verified status have been personally validated by our team. Recognition as part of the program means that a supplier has committed to providing the following benefits to satsearch users:

  • A single point of contact: commercial success in the space industry relies on open and transparent communication. Verified Suppliers recognise this and have committed to providing a dedicated, consistent single point of contact for Requests for Information (RFI) through the satsearch platform.

  • Up-to-date information: we strive to ensure that all product and supplier information listed on the satsearch platform is current. However, this is a fast-moving industry with many companies seeking to attract new business while retaining advantage, and product and company information can change rapidly. Verified Suppliers have committed to keeping their product and supplier information up-to-date on the satsearch platform, so that our users can access the latest information on space products & services.

  • Positive engagement: as our community and the wider industry grows, we have an excellent opportunity to shape the processes and concepts that will drive the adoption of new space technology around the world. Verified Suppliers have made a recognised commitment to engaging in new satsearch initiatives and projects designed to grow the global marketplace.

Impact on product search results

Our aim is to provide the satsearch community with the most relevant product and supplier information to meet their needs. To achieve this goal we have ensured that inclusion in the Verified Supplier Program has no impact on the quality of search results presented to satsearch users.

The most relevant products will still be presented, ranked and ordered to give users the best possible results, and there are no changes to product hierarchies. The only difference between the display of products from verified and un-verified suppliers are minor design changes.

How to join

Joining the satsearch Verified Supplier Program is simple - to kick things off please contact us today via the details below and we can talk you through the process.

We'll do a brief assessment of your business to determine whether we would be suitable partners for your needs, and can then add your company and product information to our platform.

Note that you will not need to grant leads or customers acquired through satsearch any exclusivity or offer alternative supplier arrangements in terms of product, pricing, delivery or any other aspect of your business operations, aside from the commitments explained above.

Your business logo will be added to this page to recognise your membership and we will promote your company across all of our growing marketing channels.

You will also have exclusive first access to all new features and initiatives.

Finally, we will add your product information to the satsearch API which integrates with a growing number of systems engineering tools, and can provide prospective clients with another important route to find your business.

If your company would like to access these benefits and join the Verified Supplier Program, please contact our VSP lead today:

Narayan Prasad Nagendra

Chief Operating Officer

[email protected]

+49 141 6640 2950


While we strive to ensure the highest quality, third-party organizations are a part of our community, satsearch cannot accept any responsibility for the content of external websites or the offers of any third-party organization. We are unable to legally verify the authenticity or quality of any products offered by Verified Suppliers, and we make no claims as to the capability or authority of any supplier to provide goods or services advertised or marketed via the satsearch platform or elsewhere. We also make no claims as to the feasibility, sustainability, financial integrity or suitability of any Verified Supplier company.